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W e l c o m e   t o   m y   w e b s i t e !

Here you will find facts about the Hamburg history, particularly Jewish history.

I first started my research in 1986 which was published in my book “Die Juden in Wandsbek” (The Jews of Wandsbek). In order to write this book, I travelled to Israel to interview contemporary witnesses and work in archives. This made it possible for me in 1991 to be involved in the exhibition “400 Jahre Juden in Hamburg” (400 Years Jews in Hamburg) in the Museum of Hamburg History. Subsequently, I published further books, essays and articles, such as those about “Juden in Eimsbüttel” and about Martha Freud, the wife of Sigmund Freud. I have also written short biographies and about Jewish emigrants.

In 2003 I joined the memorial-project stumblestones (Stolpersteine) and in 2008 I published biographies of about 60 Nazi victims from Wandsbek, who have been remembered with stumblestones. In 2009 I visited a family in New York, who I had first met in Hamburg some time ago. After that I wrote the article about The Kindertransport from Hamburg.

When I was young I studied to be a teacher and then I began working with immigrants. I continued with this work intermittently until 2014. I used some impressions from this work in my crime novel "Gefährliche Wanderung" (Dangerous Hiking).

The slave-trade and slave-transports as well as the Earl of Schimmelmann, are some of my non Jewish topics.

I am now researching my own family with particular reference to the First World War, a history in photographs, postcards and field postcards, that will be published later in 2019.

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